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Markets we serve: Broadband, Industrial, IT & Datacom, Mobile Networks

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Amphenol is one of the world's largest and most innovative interconnect manufacturers. The Amphenol Global Interconnect Systems group designs, manufactures and delivers innovative high-quality interconnect solutions for Broadband, Industrial, IT & Datacom and Mobile Networks applications around the globe. With its global footprint and design and manufacturing facilities around the world, AGIS is capable of giving its customers the quality, speed and pricing they demand.


Amphenol Global Interconnect Systems (AGIS) Capabilities

At AGIS we design, manufacture and deliver innovative high-quality interconnect solutions for Broadband, Industrial, IT & Datacom and Mobile Networks applications around the globe. With our global footprint and design and manufacturing facilities, we are capable of giving our customers quality, speed and competitive solutions.

From individual interconnect components to complete custom electro-mechanical assemblies, we offer integrated solutions and valuable engineering partnership of the highest quality and best in class. As part of the world's 2nd largest and most innovative interconnect manufacturing organizations, we deliver a highly personalized customer service experience with the backing and solidity of our global operations network.

AGIS specializes in understanding the unique needs of OEMs helping to develop next-generation technologies and interconnect solutions that keep pace while maintaining efficiency and speed-to-market. Our designers and engineers bring decades of interconnect-specific knowledge and work closely with customers to create products incorporating a wide range of technologies into Broadband, Industrial, IT & Datacom and Mobile Networks applications. Whether solutions call for the highest-speed internal connections, the most efficient power delivery systems or ergonomic and consumer-friendly connectors, AGIS has the solution.

Our IT & Datacom offerings are enabling the growing "Internet of Things". Our engineering strength and blend of product capabilities range from the world's largest High Speed Backplane organization up to 100Gbs, Integrated Power & Busbar solutions, Fiber Optic components & management systems and custom Cable Assemblies including internal High Speed connections up to 24Gbs. AGIS sets the industry standard for the highest levels of continuity of supply to all our IT & Datacom partners.

We are supporting the Global Mobile Networks market with value-add assemblies below 1GHz, Fiber Optic connectors and cable systems including outdoor ruggedized FTTA Hybrid Fiber, power distribution and Busbar technology. Our value proposition also offer the most advanced High Speed Backplane design and manufacturing capability in the world, all contained within a platform of dynamic global & reliable logistics.

Leading industrial OEMs are relying on AGIS solutions for factory automation, transportation, motion control, instrumentation and more. We bring industrial customers integrated assemblies with flexible printed circuits and high-power interconnects requiring a high degree of engineering and system integration. Our innovative solutions are facilitating the increasing demands of embedded computing and power distribution solutions.