Fiber Optic Connectivity Solutions

Amphenol Telect designs and manufactures rack-mount fiber optic connectivity panels that are used in multiple applications. These panels range from low to high-density tray-based solutions, multifunctional solutions, and fixed bulkhead solutions. These panels can be configured for patch only applications, patch & splice applications, and value-added applications. » Learn More

High Density Rack Mount Panels

High Density Rack Mount PanelsThe Amphenol Telect C2LINX fiber distribution panel is a new product in the high-density market. It enables 144 terminations in one rack unit—the highest density with the best cable management features in the smallest footprint. The C2LINX offers functionality and flexibility in a tray-based design. Available in 1RU, 2RU and 4RU, the C2LINX provides exceptional cable management that protects your fiber cables during moves, additions or changes. Each C2LINX tray holds two modules that can be mixed and matched with patch only, patch and splice, splitters, DWDMs, WDMs, CWDMs, MPOs, TAPs and pre-terminated modules to cover any company’s unique configuration. » Learn More


Access Rack Mount Panels

Access Rack Mount Panels

The Amphenol Telect LTX and LCX 1RU, 2RU and 4RU bulkhead-style fiber-optic panels offer a cost-effective optical distribution point for patch-only, patch-and-splice, MPO/MTP conversions and splitter applications, all while fitting into an industry-standard footprint. Pre-loaded and unloaded panels are available to support most requirements. » Learn More

Advanced Optical Modules (AOM)

Advanced Optical Modules (AOM)

Amphenol Telect offers multiple advanced optical modules to cover any company’s unique configuration. Advanced Optical Modules are offered in multiple form factors including our C2Linx, traditional LGX, and our Advanced Distribution Frame solution. AOMs are configured with MPO/MTP, splitters, WDM, CWDM, DWDM and TAP capabilities.  » Learn More

Optical Distribution Frames

  • Optical Distribution Frames
    • Amphenol Telect designs and manufactures industry leading optical distribution systems. These high-density solutions are used as main distribution point in central office and data center applications and designed for premier cable management and protection. Our ODF portfolio is comprised of Interconnect and Cross-Connect solutions. These panels can be configured for patch only applications, patch & splice applications, and value-added applications.  » Learn More

Fiber Raceway

  • Fiber Raceway
    • Fiber Optic Raceway & Management – Amphenol Telect has a core competency in cable management. This product line is comprised of horizontal and vertical cable management solutions that support our value proposition of cable management. Amphenol Telect’s WaveTrax product family cuts installation costs in half with our patented design.  » Learn More

Racks and Accessories

  • Racks & Accessories
    • 2-Post Racks – Amphenol Telect designs and manufactures 2-Post equipment racks. Our specialty is in seismic rated telecom racks.
    • 4-Post Cabinets – Amphenol Telect designs and manufactures seismic cabinets for telecom carriers. These products are high-quality products that compete in the Tier 1 telecom space.
    • Cable Management & Accessories – Amphenol Telect designs and manufactures accessories and cable management products that support the cable management value proposition. These products range from tie-bars to vertical and horizontal rack-mount cable managers.  » Learn More