Fiber Optic Connectors and Adapters

FC Connectors and Adapters

FC Connectors and AdaptersAmphenol's 944 Series fiber optic FC connectors effectively terminate optical fiber in a variety of network applications. The connectors are secured using a threaded coupling nut, providing a significant increase in pull-out performance. The FC connectors also feature an internal cavity and epoxy injection tube that virtually eliminates the possibility of improper epoxy application, thus providing higher manufacturing yields. Every aspect of the connector system is precision manufactured to produce reliable and consistent performance. The 944 series is available in tunable or non-tunable PC versions for flexibility in specific performance requirements. The FC/APC connector system features a tight-fit keyway that prohibits the possible mis-mating between FC/PC and FC/APC connectors.  » Learn More

LC Connectors and Adapters

LC Connectors and AdaptersAmphenol's data communications 956 Series fiber optic LC small form factor (SFF) connectors utilize the familiar RJ-45 latching mechanism. The LC connector is almost half the size of the popular SC connector, providing great space savings in the network. With accelerated growth demanding greater bandwidth in less physical space, LC connectors have emerged as a viable solution for high density frames and patch panels. Amphenol's 956 Series LC connectors are a high density low cost solution without any sacrifice of performance. The 956 series LC connectors are compliant to the EIA/TIA-604 and IEC 61754.  » Learn More


MPO Adapters

MPO AdaptersAmphenol's MPO adapters provide a wide variety of options for connecting high density MPO/MTP® connectors. Made in both die-cast and thermoplastics, Amphenol MPO adapters are precision manufactured to ensure intermateability with industry standard assemblies and connectors. Available with various flange styles, Amphenol MPO adapters meet the challenges and mechanical requirements of highly dense system designs while maintaining industry standard footprints.

The one-piece body die cast version is available to meet the growing need for connectors to assist in preventing EMI leaks.
An optional innovative feature of the MPO adapters is the patented fully automatic shutter. This internal shutter mechanism requires no manual actuation and has a unique stepped design that prevents contact with the ferrule endface.
Amphenol has expanded its line of MPO adapters to include plastic adapters with matched keyways, where the keys are aligned on same side of the adapter to reverse the fiber positions. » Learn More

SC Connectors and Adapters

SC Connectors and AdaptersAmphenol's premier high performance fiber optic OX 954 Series SC connectors utilize a push pull retention feature enabling easy insertion and removal, making it ideally suited for high-density applications. The SC connector features an internal cavity and epoxy injection tube that virtually eliminates the possibility of improper epoxy application, thus providing higher manufacturing yields and superior quality. Amphenol's OX Series SC connectors are compliant to the EIA/TIA-604, IEC 60874, and fully tested by a third party test lab per Telcordia GR-326 specifications.  » Learn More


ST Connectors and Adapters

ST Connectors and AdaptersAmphenol's 953 Series fiber optic ST and ST II connectors utilize a bayonet style mating concept to provide a secure, robust coupling mechanism. The enclosed spiral slotted coupling nut allows easy insertion in densely packed patch panels. The ST connector has been used extensively in telecom, data premise installation, and test lab applications. Special attention has been given to every ST performance parameter, increasing product repeatability and exceeding industry standards. The ST connector is available with a plastic or die cast body and a ceramic or stainless steel ferrule.  » Learn More