High Speed Internal Cables


AGIS can supply extension high speed cable assembly-retractor for certain JBOD applications, and carry differential signal/power. Customized solutions can be designed per your requirements.

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Signal and power FPC with retractor cable



AGIS can supply all configurations of SAS technology up through 24 Gbps. We produce MINI SAS and HD SAS and all variations: straight type, right angle, left side exit and right side exit in both 4X and 8X. Cable types range from sheilded twinax cable, and fine film laminated cable to loose pair, with conductors sizes ranging from 28AWG to 32AWG. All of above mentioned products comply with SFF 8643, ROHS2.0, HF, UL certified and flammability rating.   » Learn More

HD Mini SAS 36P to 4X SATA 7P       HD Mini SAS 36P to SAS 22P+Power
HD Mini SAS Left SE to Mini SAS 36P STR      HD Mini SAS STR TO STR
Floating SATA                                   SAS 22P Male to Female
SAS 32P STR to SE                            SAS 32P to 4X SAS 22 + Power
Mini SAS 68P STR to 68P STR           Mini SAS 36P to 4X SATA 7P
Mini SAS 36P SE to SE



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SlimLine 38Pos


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Part Number:RLS74-XXXX/RLS38-XXXX
Product Description: Slimline Cable Assembly
Series: Slimline
Cable Length: 1.0 meters
Signal Wire Size: 31 to 28AWG,
Plating: Au 30u'' min
Color: Connector black
Environmental Compliance: RoHS
Flammability: PCB 94V-0, thermo plastic 94V-0