Power solutions



Amphenol-Auxel FTG and Amphenol Interconnect Products Corp. each offers a high-tech product range of laminated bus bars. The design is based on extremely thin insulating material and the bonding process optimizes the electrical parameters and constraints (inductance, skin effect, creepage distances, etc.).

We have the expertise to guarantee this optimization over a wide range of functional parameters current, voltage and frequency and the applicable constraints, including reliability/partial discharge, thermal and space issues, etc.

We work with you to optimize materials and processes to keep your network cost-effective and efficient.


Power Lugs

Our power lugs, produced by Amphenol Interconnect Products Corp., are durable, low-voltage drop terminations fabricated from the stranded ends of the cable. Since the wire is used to make the lug, the circuit current rating is limited only by the wire.



Built by Amphenol FTG, we provide busbars, power distribution blocks, terminals and more for electronics equipment, particularly in facility power management.



Power Distribution Units

Amphenol Tel-Ad offers custom design and production of power distribution units, with manufacturing locations in Israel and China.