Power Solutions

Laminated Busbars

AGIS offer high-tech product range, based on extremely thin insulating material, and the specific bonding process, is to optimize the electrical parameters and constraints (inductance, skin effect, creepage distances, etc.). AGIS has the expertise to guarantee this optimization over a wide range of the functional parameters (current, voltage, frequency, etc.) and the applicable constraints (reliability/partial discharge, thermal and space issues, etc.). Moreover, we will work with you to optimize materials and processes in order to lower the unit price. 

Power Lugs

Power Lug is a durable, low-voltage drop termination fabricated from the stranded ends of the cable itself. This very reliable “lug” is formed using stranded power cable. Since the wire is used to make the lug itself, the circuit current rating is limited only by the wire and not the lug.

Solution for Electronic Equipment

AGIS offers busbars, power distribution blocks, terminals etc. for electronics equipment’s where one main focus area is facility power management.

Smart Power

ngrSMART is a family of DC power management and monitor products that provide network technicians with deep actionable insight into power use on their network.

Power Distribution

To ensure long-term network performance and optimal protection of active gear we offer a wide range of power distribution panels.

Power Distribution Units

AGIS offer custom design and production of power distribution units, with production in Israel and China.