Fiber Optic Solutions

Fiber Distributions Panels

Our design engineers went the extra mile to ensure you manage your fiber cables correctly and efficient. We have everything from a high density solution fiber distribution panel with 1RU-144 LC, which is our C2LINX to the more traditional versions with our LTX 1RU is up to 72 terminations. These different panels could be used in Data Centers, Central office, CLRC and many other markets and applications.

Fiber Distributions Frames

AGIS is offering multiple distribution frame solutions. Our SuperHD has a capacity of 4068 LC termination and is developed for the hyperscale/data center applications. We also have an Advanced Distribution Frame (ADF) that helps you protect but at the same time get access to your high-density fiber design, which can be used among others markets in a central office environment. The wall boxes splice and holds multiple cable entrance points and has a wide range of termination solutions. The wall boxes could be used in multiple applications and markets and in an indoor as well as the outdoor environment.

Cable Management

AGIS’s cable raceway solutions WaveTrax is an end-to-end, open-trough solution that reduces total cost of ownership. With its modular system, it will give you top-quality fiber cable protection and secure the correct bend radius through the entire cable path.


The rack is the glue that holds all your equipment together. Our reliable cabinets can be customized and incorporated into the fiber connectivity and power solutions.

Fiber Cable Assemblies

AGIS design and manufacturing fiber optics cable assemblies for both indoor and outdoor environment for a wide range of markets including telecom, it/datacome, FTTH and industrial. AGIS had a global production footprint, and we also offer quick turn-around logistics solutions.

Fiber Optics Connectors and Adapters

AGIS design and produce premier high-performance SC, FC, LC and MPO connectors and adapters. AGIS stackable adapter system is an innovative way to aggregate a high number of connections into a small footprint.